Who is choi seung hyun dating

I can see him holding your hand towards maybe the end of your first date. He would just let it happen naturally or when he thought the moment was right. To make out, I want to say a couple weeks into your relationship.How long he takes to kiss you for the first time: Personally, I don’t see T. How long he takes to have sex with you: I think Seunghyun would want to be completely comfortable with you before he thought about having sex with you.He’d wait until he was sure not only that he loved you but that you loved him as well.I can’t really put a specific time frame for this because it honestly does depend how long it takes for him to feel comfortable with you it.However, if he was completely smitten with you I don’t see him waiting longer than a few weeks or a month.How long he takes to make a public statement about your relationship: Seunghyun really likes his privacy and would want to protect yours so I think if he could, he would want to keep the relationship a secret for as long as he could.Request: Hello Can I get a dating time line with Big Bang.How long do they wait to kiss you, how long do they wait to make out… I hope this makes sense.~ This is just my own personal opinion~How long he takes to ask you out: Personally, I feel as if TOP would want to get to know the person as a friend before taking the relationship further. I know that seems like kind of a long time but I see Seunghyun wanting to be sure of who he’s going to go out with, especially since he hasn’t dated anyone in a long time.

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The K-pop hunk flew to Paris over the weekend to attend the Dior Homme Winter 2016/2017 show, looking hella hot in a sharp suit and making all of us thirsty AF in the process.

Big Bang fans are rallying on Twitter and beyond to show their support for the group’s longtime member T. P, who is currently recovering at a Seoul hospital.

The group’s agency YG Entertainment confirmed to the on Tuesday that T. P, whose real name is Choi Seung Hyun, was found unconscious from an apparent drug overdose and has been receiving treatment at an intensive care unit. P’s hospitalization comes off the heels of a marijuana scandal.

P scenario when you feel insecure because you’re not korean please ? ), Romance Word Count: 1,602Summary: Sometimes insecurities can be irrational, but they can still be concerning. If there were any reason Seunghyun wanted to not be with you…then you wouldn’t be dating would you?

I had some trouble writing it ;-; I hope you enjoy this and that it’s what you were wanting :3 ~ Admin Silver Genre: Angst (a little bit maybe?


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