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A “memory book” page featuring poems, artwork, stories, and other content submitted by chatters! Others watching from around the world can observe through the miracle of cams, the internet, and livestream the celebration as it occurs and feel like they are a part of it. The fun, the food, meeting in person those that you have previously only known from chat boards, activities like chawk art, awards, actually holding a bird of prey, visiting the sites that you have previously only seen on cams, and seeing the royal family in person provide memories that will last a lifetime. (Click on link for video.) Many, many great pictures were taken at this event and I won’t attempt to include them all here. “It is a number of nice folks that have a common interest in one of nature’s outstanding creatures getting together to celebrate that interest. Those who were not able to attend were able to view a Live Broadcast through Karel and BOGEtte’s Livestream channel. Time to clear memory cards and charge batteries as fledge time is upon us – exhilarating, but also bittersweet. Pulled together with the help of so many (and overseen by our “mayor” Raylene), Nest Fest 2015 was reported to be a wonderful time for those who attended.According to court papers obtained by a New York newspaper, she ‘asserted claims for personal injury, including physical injury’ against Stallone. Despite Miss Filiti’s allegations, Stallone remained on good terms with his sister.


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