Consolidating itunes files

When you first install and set up i Tunes, it may automatically search for your digital music files and add them to the i Tunes library. If you allow this, there will be two copies of each of your digital music files on your PC, doubling the amount of memory your files take up.

If i Tunes is already installed, you will have to transfer your music manually. If you don't know where they are, double-click on "My Computer" and search for digital music files. You can decide to leave your digital music files where they are and i Tunes will be able to play them.

You can bypass this issue entirely by cutting and pasting your digital music files into the folder named "i Tunes Music" before you transfer your music into i Tunes.

Navigate to the file or folder you want to transfer and select it.

By default, these files are in your i Tunes folder.

To find your folder: Mac: Make sure that you're in Finder.

To change the location, click the Change button and enter a new location.

After you change the location of the folder, existing files won't be moved unless you consolidate your files.

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In the end, I picked the easiest and most obvious way: the i Tunes way.

Storage space is one of the biggest problems for laptop users.

You can run out of those bytes in no time at all, especially if you fill your laptop with multimedia files like music and movies – the types of files that you keep and manage using a multimedia manager like i Tunes.

Digital music files may have one of the following file extensions: ". Or you can allow i Tunes to copy your files and then manually delete them from the original location.

Or you can keep two copies of each digital music file.


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