4chan hacks christian dating site

The Christian dating website that got hacked by 4chan back in August was a textbook illustration of why you should not store users’ passwords in plain text.Most of the users of the site had re-used their user names and passwords on Facebook and their e-mail accounts, which were compromised as a result, in many cases in extremely embarrassing ways.I hope this message doesn’t scare you off, I just wanted you to know what a wonderful time I had with you.You are permanently invited to “the love-cave-between-my-legs” ”However, while the post was real, by all accounts, the person who posted it was not Tracy Turkish Brooks – rather, her Facebook account was (and apparently still is) hacked.Above, the vlogger's wife speaks herself at the end of the footage, revealing she 'stands behind' her husband'I pursue my relationship with Christ on a daily basis and have since been involved in a weekly discipleship.

Now I am not a lawyer, but the other day, I took a close look at the Data Protection Act 1998, and if I understand it correctly, saving passwords in clear text is indeed illegal here in the UK.Reading about this (and a similar event somewhat closer to home a week later) has got me thinking about the whole issue again.A couple of years ago, Mats Helander proposed on his blog that saving plain text passwords should be illegal.(Unfortunately he lost his domain name to squatters a few months later, but the post is still up in the Wayback Machine.) His post was in response to some of Jeff Atwood’s readers, who pointed out that many web developers have bosses and clients who insist on them storing passwords in clear text so that they can e-mail password reminders to their users.To be sure, you can try explaining to them that there are alternative approaches that don’t compromise usability, but if your boss is an “I’m not a computer person” type, or just doesn’t care, you might as well try to strike a match on jelly, or you may even find your job on the line.Basketball games generally have a steal/pass button and a block/shoot button, etc.


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